The mission of the CASS Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) is to serve the needs of the members of the CAS Society to enhance their professional knowledge and vitality by keeping them informed of the latest research results and their practical applications.

Congratulations to our CASS Malaysia member, Prof. Ir. Dr. Harikrishnan A/L Ramiah that have been selected as an IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) for the 2024-2025 term.

Prof. Ir. Dr. Harikrishnan A/L Ramiah

The selected titles are:

  • Harvesting Power from the Ambient: Multiband RF Energy Harvesting with Distinguished Matching and Rectification
  • Intelligent Energy Harvesting: Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Sources and Adaptive System Reconfiguration for Optimal Performance and Application-Specific Tuning
  • Boosting Energy Harvesting Efficiency: Innovations in CMOS Rectifier Techniques for Enhanced Power Conversion, Sensitivity, and Dynamic Range



Congratulations to our CASS Malaysia member, Mr Ang Boon Chong, on being selected for the CASS Industrial Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) for the 2024-2025 term.


Mr Ang Boon Chong

 It is a privilege to have a member from CASS Malaysia chosen as one of the speakers. We trust that it will inspire our members to engage proactively with CASS and reap its rewards