CASS 2010 Annual Report

Executive Summary


IEEE Circuits and Systems society, Malaysia (CAS) has completed a number of activities for year 2010. We have successful organized the main event of the year, the 2010 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APPCAS 2010) on 6th-9th Dec 2010 at Hilton and Le Meridien Hotel, KL. Almost 350 papers were presented and more than 400 participants have attended the conference. Another main activity, jointly organized by IEEE CAS Malaysia and Mimos Berhad was the Workshop on Smart Sensor 2010 (WSSS2010). 70 participants nationwide have attended the workshop. Other activities such as distinguished lecture programs (DLP), membership drives, tutorials and small workshops have also been carried out throughout the year.

Chapter Activities


B.1   Membership Development Programs

No Date Venue Speaker No of attendees


1 15-17/06/2010 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre ICIAS 2010 (part ofESTCON 2010) 1000
1 04-05/08/2010 UPM Wan Zuha Wan Hasan

Khairul Hamzani Hamid

2 20-21/04/2010 MIMOS  BHD WSSS2010 70
3 06-09/12/2010 Hilton Kuala Lumpur – APCCAS2010 APCCAS2010 400
4 10/12/2010 Intel, Penang Prof Gerald Sobelman/Penang 30
5 13/12/2010 UTHM, Johor Prof . Yoshikazu Miyanaga 70



B.2   Professional and Continuing Education Activities

Continuing Educational activities including conferences, technical event, training courses should be reported (refer to examples given below)


No. Date Title Presenter/ Venue Category / (Attendance)
E-1 20-21/04/2007 -Market Analysis and Market Space for USN

-Current R&D status in Bio Sensors Technology

-Trend & Development in Physical Sensor and MEMs Technology

-Biochemical Sensors for Medical Applications

-WSN research trends & activities in NEST


-Review & Implementation of Advanced Analog-Mixed Circuit design for USN


-Microwave-Based Sensors Technology & Applications

-Optical-BasedSensor Technology and Applications

Ahmad Hilmi Halim/ Mimos

Mr  David Khor / Mimos

Prof Dr Mohd Noor Ahmad/Mimos

Prof Dr Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis/Mimos


Prof Dr Lee Yook Heng / Mimos

Dr Fadlee A Rasid/ Mimos

Dr Mohd Nizar Hamidon/ Mimos

Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman/MIMOS

Assoc Prof Dr Tun Zainal Azni bin Zulkifli/ Mimos

Prof Dr Kaida Khalid/ Mimos


Dr Faisal Rafiq Bin Mohamd Adikan/ Mimos

Educational (70)
E-2 04-05/08/2010 2 Days Workshop on Making Mobile Robot Wan Zuha Wan Hasan/ UPM

Khairul Hamzani Hamid

Educational (45)
E-3 09/12/2010 Tutorial Design of indoor 60GHz Multi-Gbps Wireless Baseband Transceiver


Prof Shyh-Jye Jou/ Penang Educational (20)
E-4 10/12/2010 Tutorial on VLSI Architectures for DSP and Communications Prof Gerald Sobelman/ Penang Educational (30)
E-5 06/12/2010 Phase-Locked Loops: Principle and Some Topics Fuminori Kobayashi/ KL Educational (20)
E-6 06/12/2010 Digital Microfluidic Biochips: A Vision for Functional Diversity and More than Moore Krishnendu Chakrabarty/KL Educational (15)
E-7 06/12/2010 From Nano-Devices to Nano-Circuits and Nano-Systems on chip Maciej Ogorzalek and Giovanni DeMichelli/ KL


Educational (30)
E-8 06/12/2010 DC-DC Conversion Dr. Alan L. Harvey/KL Educational (10)
T-1 07-09/12/2010 -Fun with Injection Locking

-Column-Parallel A/D Converters for CMOS Image Sensors

– Analysis of Internet Topologies

-Conventional Wisdom: Benefits and Consequences of Annealing Understanding of Engineering Principals

-New Technologies and Their Measurement Challenges

-From Hardware Power to Software Power- a layperson’s views

-The semiconductor industries: the challenges & emergence of a new business model

-Embedded and Communications Group (ECG)

Ramesh Harjani, USA/ KL

Shoji Kawahito, Japan/KL



Ljiljana Trakovic, Canada/KL


Randall Geiger, USA/KL




Mike Kawasaki, Agilent/KL


N R Narayan Murthy, India/KL


Jordan Polaski, Malaysia/KL




Eric WP Chan, Malaysia/KL



Technical (400)
T-2 10/12/2010 Core SoC Technologies for indoor 60Ghz Multi-Gbp Wireless Baseband Transceiver


Prof Shyh-Jye Jou/Penang Technical (20)
T-3 13/12/2010 Design of Over GIGA bit Wireless LSI systems: Next Generation Wireless Communication System Prof . Yoshikazu Miyanaga Technical (70)


B.3   Students Activities

Active Student Branches activity (refer to examples given in table)

Recruitment of student members

No. Date Title Presenter/ Venue Category / (Attendance)
E-9 04-05/08/2010 2 Days Workshop on Making Mobile Robot Wan Zuha Wan Hasan/UPM

Khairul Hamzani Hamid

Educational (45)
T-4 05/11/2010 C programming and PCB Proteus Training Khairul Hamzani Hamid/UPM Technical (52)
E-10 02/01/2010 MUROC 2010 Wan Zuha Wan Hasan/ UNIMAP Educational (200)
E-11 24/05/2010 ROBOCON 2010 Wan Zuha Wan Hasan/ UKM Educational/ (500)