IEEE CAS Malaysia Chapter Annual Report for 2011



A.1 Executive Summary

IEEE Circuits and Systems society, Malaysia (CAS) has completed a number of activities for year 2011. We have successfully organized the main event of the year with Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering as a co-organizer, the 2011 IEEE Workshop on Green Technology Circuits and Systems (WGT2011) on 14th Nov 2011at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Almost 30 participants have attended the workshop. Other activities such as Workshop to secondary school pupils on Mobile Robot including Mobile Robot PIC and PCB, Circuits and Systems Technology have been introduced together with students from the University. Finally, the important distinguished lecture programs (DLP), membership drives, tutorials and small workshops have also been carried out throughout the year with good number of attendees.


B.2 Students Activities


No. Date Title Presenter/ Venue Category / (Attendance)
E-8 19-20/07/2011 2 Days Workshop on Making Mobile Robot KhairulHamzani Hamid Educational (45)
E-9 1/11/2011 Secondary School King George V Maryam Mohd Isa/Wan Zuha Wan Hasan, Educational(150)
E-10 9-10/11/2011 Secondary School Ismail Petra, K. Bharu, Kelantan Wan Zuha Wan Hasan Educational (200)
E-11 3/12/2011 Secondary School Putrajaya Wan Zuha Wan Hasan Educational/ (200)


B.3 Professional and Continuing Education Activities


No. Date Title Presenter/ Venue Category / (Attendance)
E-1 19-20/07/2011 2 Days Workshop on Making Mobile Robot Wan Zuha Wan Hasan/UPMKhairulHamzani Hamid Educational (40)
E-2 27/7/2011 IEEE and KEE Seminar on Thick Film Technology Assoc. Prof. Dr. MohdNizarHamidon Educational (45)
E-3 25/10/2011 ITMA and IEEE Seminar on Sensor Technology and Application MohdNizarHamidon-Title: Multi gas sensors and wireless sensorsWan Zuha Wan Hasan-Title: Sensors Application using PIC Microcontroller,

Lim Kean Pah-Title: Magnetoresistive Effect in Manganites,

NurulAmziahMdYunus-Title: Microfluidic Devices with Fluid Gates,

ZurinaZainalAbidin-Title: Eelctrokinteics in Microdevices for Biological Applications,

Maryam Isa-Title: Microwave for Sensor Application

Zulkifli Abbas-Title: Microwave Sensors for Agriculture Applications

RoslinaMohdSidek-Integrated Circuits

Educational (30)
E-4 8/11/2011 Tutorial Penang Educational (30)
E-5 9/11/2011 DLP USM, Penang by Ram Achar Educational (70)
E-6 14/11/2011 Workshop on Greentechnology Circuits and Systems Dr. IngYiannosManoli-Title: Energy Harvesting from Devices to SystemsProf. MagdyBayoumi-Title: Towards Green Circuits and Systems

Prof. YoshimitsuUemura-Title: Biomass Utilization to Mitigate CO2 Emission

Victor Lee-Title: Malaysia towards Green Environment

Educational (30)
E-7 15/11/2011 DLP UPM Educational (30)