Introduction to Electrical and Electronics Engineering:


A Smart House Circuit and System Workshop

 for Secondary School Students





Organized by:

UPM IEEE Student Branch

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, UPM

Sponsored by:

IEEE CAS Malaysia


Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering:


A Smart House Circuit and System Workshop for Secondary School Students

Academic Year                  :           2013/2014

Date                                        :           11 September 2013 (Wednesday)

Time                                       :           8.30 am to 1.00 pm

Venue                                     :           SMK Dengkil, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Participants                         :           37 students (Form 4 Science)

Organised by                       :           UPM IEEE Student Branch

Sponsored by                      :           IEEE CAS Malaysia


1.0              Report

        UPM IEEE Student Branch and Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering UPM have organized the first ever smart house circuit and system workshop for secondary school students. The main purpose of the workshop is to introduce and expose students with basic electrical and electronic circuits and engineering in early stage, so as to develop interest among them towards the field. The workshop was fully sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Malaysia (IEEE CAS Malaysia). This workshop has been successfully conducted at SMK Dengkil, Selangor. A total of 37 students from form 4 science students were involved as the participants of the workshop.

        Ms Zainurfatiah bt Zainol from UPM IEEE SB was the Project Manager of the smart house workshop. During the event, the UPM IEEE SB advisor (Dr. Azura Che Soh) together with the representative from IEEE CAS Malaysia (Dr. Asnor Juraiza Ishak and Mdm. Haslina Jaafar) also participated as advisors for the workshop.

        The organizing committee departed from Faculty of Engineering UPM at 7.30 am and arrived in SMK Dengkil at 8.30 am. The workshop was officially launched at 8.40 am at the meeting room of SMK Dengkil. The workshop began with welcoming speech by the teacher of SMK Dengkil, Puan Siti Haizan. The event continued with a speech given by Mdm. Haslina Jaafar (presenting IEEE CAS Malaysia) and Ms Zainurfatiah bt Zainol (presenting IEEE SB UPM) respectively, followed by Mr Muhammad Faiz b Ishak and Mr Mohd Farid b Mokhtar for introduction of Faculty of Engineering UPM and Department of Electrical Electronic Engineering specifically.


        The students were then divided into 5 groups. Since the participating students had no prior knowledge and exposure to electric and electronic circuit, briefing on introduction to basic electronic components, how to use breadboard to connect a circuit, read a schematic circuit, connect and design the circuit and overview of smart house system was conducted by Mr Azlan b Mohamad Dain and Ms Nuramiza Hanisah bt Mohd Nasir. The briefing was last for about 30 minutes and it followed by a tea break session. After the tea break, each group was divided into another four small group represented by few members in each group that will construct the same circuits. Two facilitators then were assigned to the four groups to guide each group in constructing water/rain detector circuit, heat/temperature relay circuit, light activated switch (dark on) circuit and burglar alarm/door knob alarm circuit. The students have the opportunity to try themselves in constructing most of the circuits. Most of the students were very excited and enjoyed to experience this small practical session as they never used those electronics components before. The time given to complete the circuits is 2 hours. They were also had an experience to design their own smart house model. They have been provided the materials such as straw boar, polystyrene and etc.

         Technically, the competition was using the breadboard in order to ensure the students fully understand on how the connection is established for each component. After completing all the smart circuits, members of group that returned back to their original groups and shared the knowledge they gained to other members. After completing the smart house model and installed all the smart systems, each group was required to present their smart house to the UPM lecturers, the school teachers and the facilitators. This effort was made to establish the communication skill and presentation skill of the students. Through each group presentation, it can be seen that the students in SMK Dengkil are creative and fast learners as most of the circuit for the smart house system constructed by all groups were function perfectly. After the presentation session finished, a prize giving ceremony was held as every group was competed each other for the best system. The winner is based on the evaluation done by the facilitators and school teachers. The workshop was then finished up with the photograph session and exchange of souvenir between the SMK Dengkil and UPM IEEE student branch and IEEE CAS Malaysia.

2.0              Program


 Event8.30 am – 8.35 amWelcoming speech by Puan Siti Haizan, Teacher of SMK Dengkil


Introductory speech by Mdm. Haslina Jaafar, IEEE CAS Malaysia and also advisor for the Smart House Program UPM


Talk on UPM IEEE Student Branch by Ms Zainurfatiah bt Zainol

8.35 am- 9.00 amTalk on introduction to Faculty of Engineering UPM, specifically Department of  Electrical and Electronic Engineering

9.00 am – 9.30 amBriefing about Smart House Circuit and System

9.30 am – 9.45 amTea break

9.45 am – 11.45 amSmart House Circuit and System Hands-on

11.45 am – 12.15 pmPresentation and demonstration of smart house by students

12.15 pm – 12.30 pmEvaluation session

12.30 pm – 12.45 pmPrize giving ceremony and photograph session

12.45 pm – 1.00 pmLunch1.00 pmProgram End


3.0              Organizing Committees

Program Advisor                     :           Mdm. Haslina Jaafar

Dr. Asnor Juraiza Ishak

UPM IEEESB Advisor          :           Dr. Azura Che Soh

UPM EE Lecturer                   :           Dr. Suhaidi Shafie

UPM EE Technical Staff        :           Tn. Syed Ruslim Syed Amran

Project Manager                      :           Zainurfatiah bt Zainol

Committees                             :    ‘Ainatun Najihah bt Abdul Ghani

Ahmad Ziad b Amran

AinaNadhirah bt Mohd Asri

Azlan b Mohamad Dain

Mohd Farid b Mokhtar

Mohd Syamil b Saad

Mohd Zaki b Atan

Muhammad Adil b Ismail

Muhammad Faiz b Ishak

Nuramiza Hanisah bt Mohd Nasir

Raja Madihah bt Raja Jusoh

Yahya S. Gh. Al Saleh


4.0              Outcome

       From the workshop, 5 smart houses were creatively developed by the students. The workshop was not only able to demonstrate the potential creativity of the students, but also succeeded in improving student in the aspect of knowledge gain, apply knowledge, communication skill, teamwork skill, presentation skill and etc. Thus, the main objectives to expose students with knowledge in electrical and electronic circuits and system and develop their interest in electrical and electronic engineering field were successfully achieved.

5.0              Event Highlights       

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6.0              Conclusion

        Overall, the activity was a veritable successful with the school administrations and students giving praise and good feedbacks on the event. This will become a good drive for the society to have more events in the future.



Prepared by,

Zainurfatiah bt Zainol,

Project Manager,

Smart House Circuit and System Workshop