Moving Forward with Internet of Things with UX Centered Software as Service





Mr Kamarul Zaman Abdul Rashid

Intel Malaysia

 kamrul zaman

ABSTRACT: Internet of Things (IoT) will be the next big compute conundrum especially in providing effective and efficient solutions for harmonizing heterogeneous technologies together across billions of connected devices. IoT concept comes with the structure containing local sensor and devices that acts as Gateway, and connecting through the cloud. The three core technologies for IoT are often described to be including Connectivity, Manageability and Security, and are often supported by two basic layers of building blocks such as the hardware and software. While the hardware are made up by fabrics of physical building blocks, the software is needed to bind all aforementioned block of services together to offer unique and delightful usage experience to end users. Without software operating on top of the hardware, the hardware fabric remains monotonous. Without effectual software services, business model will not blossom. This talk is about the opportunity to bridge a gap in terms of software services in IoT. This presentation highlights the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation in IoT for delivering embedded hardware features where often time hidden and not leveraged sufficiently thorough innovative software services delivery experience. Additionally, in terms of enriching software delivery experience, the presentation shall attempt to highlight the importance  of User Experience (UX) or Developer Experience as the center of future IoT SaaS, especially in delighting the Developers and the Community Ecosystem.

BIOGRAPHY: Kamarul received his Bachelor degree from the University of Southern Queensland in information technology and MBA from Universiti Utara Malaysia. Currently, he is a senior technical leader at Intel Malaysia with over 19 years of experience in setting technology vision, influencing the C-levels and leading world class teams in software architecture and business solutions designs using the latest state-of-the-art technologies and business capabilities. He also involved in Broad-based and versatile background encompasses IT management, software development, operations management and customer service.

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