IEEE USM SB STEM Outreach is a program which allows undergraduates from USM to approach primary and secondary school student and expose them to the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The core objective of this program is to encourage more people from younger generation to delve into the field of science and technology. Therefore, to complement the efforts made by government and NGO in developing science among younger generation, IEEE USM SB has always been passionate in conducting STEM Outreach for primary and secondary schools around Parit Buntar and Nibong Tebal areas.

The most recent STEM Outreach was held on 8th of March, 2017. 7 representatives from IEEE USM SB have been assigned to attend the event as technological project exhibitors under the sponsor of IEEE CAS Malaysia Chapter. They are Ooi Thian Pien, Cheah Jit Hock, Lim Sheng Yang, Cheong Zheng Quan, Eng Zi Kang, Chung Wei Hong and Ng Shi Rou. Projects exhibited are Robotic Arm, 3D printing products, Hover Board and Stupid Machine.

During the exhibition, exhibitors explained about how the projects function and demonstrated the ways to use these projects to students. Students were very curious about the projects we brought and tended to know more. Therefore, they were given opportunities to test the projects and express their views to each project. Besides, teachers of the particular school were also being imparted on how to obtain the learning kit of these projects in an economical way. The purpose of doing so is to let the school not to feel burdened in terms of financial if they were to provide workshops about technology for students in the future.

The exhibition ended at 3.30 pm with speech of appreciation by headmaster of SJK (C) Yoke Eng. As a conclusion, there are really a lot of students interested in science and technology. Program like STEM Outreach should persist so that more people get benefits from that.


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